Teenaged girl sues her parents

I read an article today about this 18 year old girl who is suing her parents to finish paying for her high end high school education as well as. Her college education. The girl had moved out of her own volition, because she didn’t like the rules set out be her parents, so she moved in with her best friend, whose father just happens to be an attorney and is acting as the girls attorney.

Now, I think some things were left unsaid in the article, but doesn’t it start to reason that fit he girl was going to live under her parents roof, that she would be obliged to follow their rules, including the time that she spent with her boyfriend (hint)? Is there something on the birth certificate that very specifically states that the parents are obliged to pay for an education, outside of public schools? Where does the best friends father get off on getting involved in the quarrel between daughter and parents?

When I was her age, I didn’t like some of the rules of my parents house, but the rules were the rules and if I wanted my education and a place to live and maid service and food, I had to follow the rules, no matter how much they sucked, and if I didn’t want to follow them, I was given the option of moving out and supporting myself.

Parents can be a little over protective (yes, I’m a parent myself), but where does an 18 year old idiot get off on using her parents because she wants to have sexy with her boyfriend? Come on, have we become such a litigious society that it’s come down to this?

I hope . . . . That this girl pulls her head out of her anal oriface and comes to understand that her parents DO have the right to set certain rules in THEIR house. I also hope that when this gets to court, that the judge has enough sense to file a motion with the ethics committee of his state against the attorney for conducting himself in a very unethical manner


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