Gas Crisis It’s an ever-changing world out there, and human-kind doesn’t necessarily learn from its history.  Syrian President Bashar Assad has been spanked before for using chemical weapons against the people that he presides over and once again, he has used a chemical to suppress those that he deems as “sub-standard”. Throughout history, leaders . .… Read More Gas Crisis

Free the breast (not the beast) I’ve always been an advocate of women having the freedom of being able to breastfeed their children when the child needs to be fed.  Screw the prudes that don’t want to see a bare boob and nipple when women have been breastfeeding their children since the beginning of time – literally. What I don’t… Read More Free the breast (not the beast)

Passing Gas – deadly gas It’s sad to think that we’re here in the twentieth century and there are still leaders of countries (dictators, actually), that feel that it’s humanly acceptable to use a toxic gas to exterminate the so called enemy . . . . enemies which include women and small children. The Syrian government denies using the… Read More Passing Gas – deadly gas

Stallone Sucks – Big Time Wow, just because someone is a celebrity, they think that they can spout off in a completely negative way: Sylvester Stallone’s younger brother Frank apologized to Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg Sunday morning for calling him a “little bitch” and a “coward” who deserves a “sucker punch.” This is an apology as a result… Read More Stallone Sucks – Big Time

Siberia ain’t the wasteland that we think it is . . . . Regardless of the fact that it’s in Russia and not the United States or within the confines of another Western Ally nation, there was a disaster of enormous proportions when sixty-four people were recently killed in a shopping mall in Siberia.  The disaster, which included the death of a number of children, struck the… Read More Siberia ain’t the wasteland that we think it is . . . .